In 1996 I was a newly sworn-in Airman in the Airforce…and I was confused…why was I here? God was calling me into the pastorate and to go to seminary…but I was “stuck” in the military!

But I needed to be where I was…history has proven that to be true! But given the chance I would have bolted on the USAF and been in seminary 4 years sooner…

However, God had a different plan…now as I look back I count those four years as four of the most important in my life!

So, as many in the “Bible Belt” are not as understanding of God directing your life away from the pulpit as they were His directing toward it, I thought I would answer the question I have heard lately:

“Really? You’re leaving ministry to go to Law School?

First, no…I’m not leaving ministry…as believers we are ALL called to serve and minister!

Second, is it surprising that God would “call” someone to the pastorate or serious theological study for a period of time and then send them back out to the secular world?

So, just as I was uncertain of all the answers during those days in the Airforce, I also don’t know all the answers concerning the future now, but I do know I am headed in the right direction…Really.


One Response to “Really?”

  1. amy Says:

    I love it. Praying for you guys and feel you are just the man to bring God’s spirit to the law in the land. God’ s plan is always amazing me and confusing me in good ways!

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