The 3 Weeks Leading Up to the 3 Years…

Well,  as with most incoming 1L’s I have been reading and trying to figure out exactly what I have gotten myself into!  I have read everything about the first year of law school I could find…

photo 4

But there is another group of information I came across on what 1Ls should  do, or not do, just prior to starting law school…for the most part it all boils down to two things…..start reading and relax.

The “start reading” part is underway…I have been reading a little more everyday trying to incline my mind to process information again…

The relax part has been harder for me but I think my plan for these final few weeks has thus far and will continue to be successful!

–Camping Trip with the guys….CHECK…last Friday-Sundayphoto 3

–Time away with my bride…..CHECK…we got out of town this last Sunday Night for a kid free overnighter!

–Limit Work….Almost…my last day at work is this Friday!

–Family Vacation with Friends…..Next Week…Mountains here we come!

–Days with NOTHING planned…the following week….don’t call me!

So…lets see if my restless mind and heart will let these three weeks be a reality!?


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