For the curious…Time in a bottle…

time-in-a-bottleWell as my friend Clair Edwards pointed out the “updates” from law school have slowed down…the laughter behind her Facebook post was almost audible. [Clair is a lawyer and has been down this road in the not so distant past.]

It is true the workload is increasing and time is becoming more scarce…between a group assignment and homework tonight, I worked for almost 5 hours beyond my class time…I am like Jim Croce, I really need a bottle to store up some extra time!  But hey, I knew it was coming…

For those wondering (other than Clair who already knows first-hand) what takes “so much time”, here is a list of my past two days:

Class                 5 hours a day (this changes next week, classes will be shorter)

Reading Cases     2 hours a night

Other readings    1-2 hours a night/day

Briefing Cases      1-2 hours a night

Group Work         Varies

Also, seeing as I am living the life of a hermit I also have to do the following:



Wash dishes

Grocery shopping

Then there is the family: (Although they are not here, I try to do the following…)

Call a few times a day.

Do extra work while here, so we can enjoy the weekends together.

Facetime (when we can…just need to see their faces every now and then…)

So that is it…it is a full day…and because of the way I am wired (or cross-wired: ADHD)…I cant sleep at night…my mind WILL NOT turn off! (Sunday night I went to sleep around 5AM and got up at 7AM)  It also probably has something to do with the love of my life not being beside me as well! (I slept like a baby when I was home last weekend!!!)

But….all in all….things are going well!  I am enjoying it.  Its kind of like a run or a workout…you get done and you’re sore and glad the pain is over…and you feel good…you know in the end you will be better off…and then you get back up and do it again the next day!

But don’t offer to much pity…If you want to see a longer daily schedule than that contact my wife who is home holding down the fort with 3 little ones to care for….make money to support us during this endeavor…and maintain her sanity in the process…I would probably have to give her my bottle…if I could find one!


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