My Wife’s Th.D

51747_158290534192440_3268738_oWhen I was studying theology we had degrees that were a little different from your typical M.A.’s and Ph.D’s (though we have those too).  In the theology realm we have the M.Div (which I have), the D.Min, and the Th.D.

Outside of the halls of seminary and some churches that appreciate higher education you may never hear of these degree programs.  The J.D. which I am currently pursuing is pretty well-known in any circles you may find yourself.  People generally know that if you are getting a J.D. you are probably going to practice law in some form.

Well, I would like to award one of those degrees today, albeit with a little different meaning…the Th.D (Theology Doctorate) in the theological world is one of highest esteem and respect.

In the world of being a husband the Th.D is also one of highest esteem and respect…that is why I would like to present it to my wife…

(Honorary)Th.D…This Husband’s Dream!

Sara is an amazing friend, wife, and partner in this life and I fall in love with her more and more every year we’re together…she truly is my dream come true and I thank God for her…she stands beside me in ways that are unexplainable…she does things that most wives would not do…she is an amazing mother and she does almost everything without recognition….

She (at least for now) has no interest in going to school to seek more formal education, but she is one of the smartest people I know…and so she deserves a “degree.”

I love you…Sara Whitaker, Th.D

ThD Sara Pic.001


One Response to “My Wife’s Th.D”

  1. Carla Says:

    How sweet of you, Douglas. Although she may not be away studying for a degree, she is working just as hard as you are right now and it’s wonderful that you acknowledge that. You are a lucky man!

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