I RAC! (Only Law School Will People Get That!)

Well my first REAL law school exam is behind me…how do I feel? RELIEVED and anxious about the four more ahead of me in the coming weeks…

I mean come on its only 10% of my grade

But all in all I think I did OK…

For those of you who don’t know (i.e.- you’re like I was until a couple of months ago, and had never been to law school) law school exams are different from any test you have ever taken….

Let me explain…

I am the king of info dump…I can study my brains out for a few days before a test and then go in and “brain dump” all that memorized info onto paper and walk out knowing a I did good on a test…I did it in college and seminary and did fairly well!


Brain dump does you no good in law school…even if you’ve actually learned the info really well! You can’t just regurgitate material you have memorized.

You have to take the material you have learned and then apply it to a complex fact pattern that you have NEVER SEEN OR PRACTICED!  (i.e.-a fact-based scenario full of details and problems).

In my essay portion of my exam today there were at least four major issues to deal with…

But you know what…I actually kind of enjoyed it…Well except for the second part which I am pretty sure I bombed!  It was a rush to take the little bit of black letter law I have learned and apply it to a real world situation…don’t get me wrong, I think exams will be grueling over the next 3 years, especially finals that count for 100% of your grade in that class…but today I felt like I had studied, learned something, and can now apply it to a career.

Yep, I think I might just survive law school…

(OK enough of that…I must go study because the only exam the above post applies to is the one that’s over…the other 4 are looming!)


One Response to “I RAC! (Only Law School Will People Get That!)”

  1. Jay Says:

    A well written explanation to the trials and tribulations one faces, in exams, while attending law school. Amen Doug!

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