Whether Black, White, or Green…Man or Woman…AMERICANS Should Agree With This!

I am proud to have friends and family of various races!  I am proud to have worked with Police officers of various races!  I am proud to live in a country that since 1954, Brown vs. Board of Education, has said the color of a person’s skin does not matter!

In a recent post I shared some of my thoughts about the tragedy in Ferguson, Missouri.  Mr. O’Reilly (like him or not) has said some of the very things I did…and he is right!  If we are to live as a unified nation the racial agitators must be silenced.  Silenced by black men and women, white men and women….Silenced by AMERICANS who say, “No Al Sharpton, WE have had ENOUGH!”  If we do not, and people like Sharpton are allowed to continue to “take us back” to America’s “segregation” days every time there is a tragedy, we are no better than he is…


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