Is He Supposed to Salute? (Political Rant-If you don’t like it…I DON’T CARE)

U.S.-Marine-Sgt.-Andrew-TahmooressiThis morning Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi came home from a Mexican prison. This is long overdue and should be duly noted for the next presidential election…I don’t care if you’re democrat, republican, tea party, NRA, right, left, or purple! There is NO reason the President of the United States should not have had our boy home in 2 days…NOT 214 days…almost a year in a Mexican prison for UNITED STATES MARINE!

I will leave the details of this case out because it’s not even worth talking about!  Plain and simple he was being used as a statement by the Mexican government and just like he has since his inauguration President Obama rolled over.  He did nothing…

I know this week is election week for Congress but here are the things America needs to look for in our next President as we head into the next presidential election in 2 years…a President who will focus on:

1. National Security

2. National Debt Reduction

3. The US job market

Not only would I run on this, I would make it my the only thing I did as a president…if something didn’t fit within 1, 2, or 3…I wouldn’t be doing it…I wouldn’t be spending my time on it…I wouldn’t be spending money on it!

We would have the strongest most advanced military in the world again and the world would not laugh and disrespect us…while we have been arguing over the “ludicrousness” that has become America (whether you can marry your dog and other foolishness…whether you can be the first president to play more golf than Tiger Woods…releasing our enemies so they can go back and plan some more attacks against us)…Yes, while we have been arguing and “fighting” and doing all of this stupidity…THE REST OF THE WORLD HAS BEEN BUILDING THEIR EDUCATION PROGRAMS FOR SMARTER SCIENTIST, ETC…THEY HAVE BEEN BUILDING AND TRAINING THEIR MILITARIES WITH THE MOST ADVANCE TECHNIQUES AND EQUIPMENT….THEY HAVE BEEN BUYING UP ALL OUR DEBT SO WE NOW OWE BILLIONS TO OTHER GOVERNMENTS….THEY HAVE BASICALLY BEEN WORKING TO SURPASSING US IN EVERY AREA, AND A FEW OF THEM HAVE ACCOMPLISHED THIS GOAL!

We better wake up!  We are going to look up one day (and that day is not as far off as we would like to think…) and all this “politically correct” garbage some of us find to be so important is not going to mean anything when the Russian tanks or Chinese aircraft roll through OUR TOWNS…by the way, these will be driven or flown by people who really don’t care if your a man who thinks he should get to dress as a woman and have your own bathroom!

I know I’m an alarmist, right?

Welcome home Sgt. Tahmooressi…by the way, is this Marine expected to now salute the Commander-in-chief who abandoned him?  Well, it doesn’t matter whether we expect him to or not…he will, because thats what our Service men and women do!  They have a pride and a duty that only defenders of freedom will ever understand!


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