You Too Can Have More Than One Vote…

I can’t be the only one who thinks the idea that someone, or better yet, ANYONE, can just show up at a voting booth, not show any ID, and be allowed to vote, is an absolute mockery of America…but it has been happening for years and the insanity continues!  WE NEED VOTER ID LAWS!!!

I combined a voting map and a map of the way the states normally vote (Democrat or Republican) and the results were VERY revealing in my opinion…


Voting ID Laws


And for those who think it doesn’t matter…my friends at Project Veritas have all the evidence you need!  Watch O’Keefe go in and be approved to vote as someone other than himself…over and over and over again…



And if that isn’t enough to make American’s loose their minds….we have Al Sharpton continually trying to make this a…wait for it….race issue…are you kidding me Al?  Sharpton says,

“Many aren’t aware that this [passing voter id laws] is a very real attempt to set back the gains made during the civil rights movement. This is really meant to stop a certain person who looks a certain way from voting.’’

This guy really needs a job!  A real job!  People have to show ID to purchase tobacco, to cash a check, to do all kinds of stuff…are those laws really just there to keep “a  certain person who looks a certain way” from cashing a check?  Give me a break!

Bottom line, if you are going to vote…and you should…you should HAVE TO SHOW AN ID…how hard is that really?


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