You’re The Reason: 7 Years Later

24907028_120407595039-2It is hard to believe that on the 24th of this month my Mamaw Harness will have been dead for seven years.  Death is a foreign thing for us as human beings…we were not created to die…sin brought about death…and so losing someone you loved dearly is always going to be hard for us…yet we do not mourn as those with no hope!

I ran across this blog I wrote just a about 2 weeks after Mamaw died…it is just as meaningful as it was the day I wrote it…So, I have pasted that blog here…7 years later…my desire to live in such a way that one day people might stand at my bedside as I am dying and speak those sweet words…”you are the reason…”

A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks…

My pastor preached a sermon on us being the “hagios”or the holiness of God from Paul’s salutation to the church at Colossae…I have shared that same concept at a Bible Class I led at our local jail and challenged guys to consider just how they live out Christ everyday…carrying the fame of Christ…

That idea won’t go away…

It won’t go away  because of a hospital room…it won’t go away because of words spoken in that room to my Mamaw in her last hours a few weeks ago…

I love my Mama…she was wonderful!  She was so full of life and spunk…and by her own admission was ALWAYS her own boss!  She has known Jesus for as long as anyone I know.  Some-days I think she even thought she had her bluff over on him that she was the boss!  But she loved him…more than anything…she loved him!

The Wednesday before she died I spoke with her on the phone and she was already getting sick (we didn’t know how sick she really was…she died on Sunday…) and so she was talking out of her head a little…but one thing that was from the heart were these words…”Dougie, if Jesus is ready for me to go…I am ready!”  I said “I know you are Mamaw and when he is ready for you I am ready as well”….I had no idea it would be a mere 4 days until I had to see if I meant those words…

When Sara and I arrived at the hospital it was around 3:30 AM…she was already on a respirator, with very minor response…I think she waited for Sara and I to arrive…after my mom, my aunt, Sara and myself went in and talked to her a while I took a minute to be alone with her…I said, “Mamaw, I love you and if you are ready (and he is ready)…go be with Jesus…”  In just a few short precious hours she did just that…

There were over 25 of us standing at her side as she went eternally into the presence of Christ…my cousin sang her favorite song, proclaiming God’s faithfulness..a whole room of us stood there as Christ followers…many of us because of her!

Just a few hours before she died a dear friend came by to see her…Rick was in the teen choir that my Mamaw led for so many years…Rick is a great guy…he has a story worthy of it’s own telling, but that’s for another time…he spoke some of the sweetest words I think I could have heard…he spoke what I believe Mamaw could have heard from hundreds of people…”you’re the reason…”  Rick spoke to Mamaw as she lay there unresponsive as if he was sharing coffee with an old friend…he said, “Glenice, I don’t think I ever told you thanks…thanks for the day you came into Valley View (grocery) when I was working and invited me to come and be a part of your ministry with teens…I came a few weeks after that and you are one of the reasons I am in church today!”

“You are the reason…”

I pray those words are spoken over me as I lie in my final moments in this life…

“you are the reason, I know Jesus…”  Sweet words, sweet truth…

So, Mamaw you leave a legacy…a legacy of people who will always say, “You, Glenice, are the reason…”

May God find me faithful and living a life that will ring with the word…”hagios”…the faithful, set apart for God.


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