Fifty Shades – A Dad’s Perspective (Part 1)

Why My Daughter Is Not A “50 Shades” Kind of Lady

25 Reasons:

25.  She was not created for your amusement.

24.  She doesn’t deserve your emotional scars.

23.  She doesn’t deserve your abuse.

22.  She is not an object.

21.  She is not a second-class human being.

20.  She is not a toy.

19.  She is more than just skin.

18.  Her beauty is more than what you can see.

17.  She can’t be bought.

16.  She deserves genuine commitment.

15.  She deserves genuine affection.

14.  She deserves genuine respect.

13.  She deserves genuine joy.

12.  She deserves real love.

11.  She deserves a real man.

10.  She lights up a room.

9.   She is a treasure.

8.   She is a gift.

7.   She is brilliant.

6.  She is beautiful.

5.  She is caring.

4.  She is strong.

3.  She is loving.

2.  She is compassionate.

1.  She is created in the image of God.

Here is Part 2 (the “other half” of the 50)


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